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Clover Point of Sale systems create a business environment that allows small business owners to feel in control of their business.  From engaging potential new customers to keeping track of employees, Clover has your business covered.

Every business has 4 groups of people that are directly affected by their success. Employees, Customers, Vendors and Ownership.  The better your business does, the better off all of these groups are.  Clover has functionality to make life better for each of these groups.

Employees benefit from an automated clock in/out feature as well as online access to their payroll and scheduling information.  They get an easy to use point of sale to make accepting payments fast and fun and employees can access approved business information easily to help support customers. Employees also love the communication access they have to other employees, ownership, customers and vendors. 

Customers love the speed of checkout and the paperless options go over very well for the environmentally conscious.  They love seeing what is in stock before they go to the store or the ability to order in advance through the online shop.  They benefit from loyalty programs, gift cards, newsletters and a sense of community that your business establishes because of Clover’s great communication tools.

Vendors get less emergency calls because of the inventory and stock apps that let them know when you are running low. Emails can be directed from Clover to your vendors for orders at thresholds you set.  Vendors rely on your business, so keeping them informed about what your plans are help spark some creativity on their part to offer complimentary items that might work well for a particular season or event.  Having great vendor relationships is essential for business and Clover helps make that easy.

Ownership benefits by getting time back in their day.  Saving time by automating payroll, inventory and journal entries to your accounting software are the time-savers we hear about most. The customer engagement tools that help you find new customers and get them to come back more often are the pieces that really make this system and incredible value.  When we hear a client say that their ROI from the Clover system is better than anything else they sell, it means we did a good job.

Keep in mind that dropping a Clover off at your door does not solve all the world’s problems.  We want to work with you to get you started on the right foot.  The set-up process is not complicated, but we understand that a new system is…new.  We will help get you started and give you all the direction and training you need to take control of your business.

We look forward to making your business better.